Blog Writing Tools: Online Tools That Make a Writer’s Life Easier

Blog Writing Tools: Online Tools That Make a Writer’s Life Easier

Blog Writing Online Tools

Writing is difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort to write, edit, publish and promote content. Online tools make it easier for writers to create, manage, share and grow their audience on the web.

The internet is a big place, and it can be difficult to find the time to write consistently. That’s why, when you’re looking for tools that will make your writing life easier, these are the top five online tools every writer should know about.

It takes time and thinking to be as flawless as desired. To achieve this, it’s best to use a blog writing tool that is effective in its own right and one that suits the writer. A great example of such a blog writing tool is Grammarly because it provides an analysis of your written work for errors or plagiarism before you publish anything online for maximum protection from copyright infringement claims.

It’s always a unique struggle every time you try to write. One of the most difficult problems with writing is getting started, but some tools help make this process easier. This article provides an overview of some online tools writers can use to do their job better and more efficiently.

We have many tools that make life easier for writers in this age. Apps and websites like Grammarly, Buzzsumo, or WordPress can lessen the struggle of writing by automatically checking your work to see if it’s correct. Tools like these help improve productivity and quality without doing much in return.

Another useful tool for writers who want to increase their productivity and efficiency is online tools. These tools range from bloggers, content writers, journalists, or novel writers.

The different features available in these services can help you write your blog posts efficiently and easily as they offer a variety of options such as editing toolbar, which allows you to change paragraph structure without having to use the mouse or keyboard; auto-save functionality, which saves drafts automatically when exiting the browser window; buttons with various colors which allow you to highlight your content; and instant publishing which allows you to publish the blog post immediately after finishing it.

Although blogs are becoming more and more popular, there is a large variety of tools available to make writing easier. Online tools like software programs for blogging or storyboarding can help you write faster and with less effort.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way to increase website traffic. Blogs are part of any good content marketing strategy and can be done for free or profit. Blog writing tools make blogging easier, so start using them today!

Blogs are a great way to establish a close connection with an audience. They provide valuable information and insights that the audience appreciates, trusts, consumes, and shares. There is no need to choose writing software because there’s always something new available these days.

Blogging is an online activity where people write about their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Some provide commentary on current events or share news stories, while others are purely personal in nature.

Some blogging tools limit customization, but many offer the ability to compress images for SEO purposes and create a blog with ease using drag-and-drop features. These tools allow you to make your site more attractive through design to be seen by people when the search engines look up your site.

A good image compression tool will make your life easier no matter what blog you are writing. It’s important to have this tool because it can help with loading time and reduce the size of images on your site without compromising quality.

In addition, there is no need for monthly quotas when using these tools as they work automatically in real-time!

ShortPixel is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for bloggers to upload images. It’s simple and quick, especially when you use drag-and-drop methods like uploading using the WP Media Library.

It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to install or work with ShortPixel because all of its features are included in the free version of this plugin.

This software can help you get the most out of your blog. It automatically compresses images for speedy website speed, and it also has a function that helps resize large pictures.

Therefore, it is good to have online tools that make your life easier when blogging. One such tool would be a browser-based image compression alternative called blog down. This software will allow you to get up to 100 images/month for free while still having the quality of an uncompressed file with no loss in resolution or size–while also giving you the option of saving money and time by not hosting any files on your own server.

Compressorio is a WordPress plugin that helps simplify compressing an image and giving it a download link. On Compressorio, you can drag your images into the browser window instead of uploading them in bulk, like with ShortPixel.

Although it may not be as simple as other plugins, Compressorio still reduces the time spent downloading and manually processing images for bloggers who need to compress multiple photos from their blog posts or articles every day.

What are blogging tools?

Blogging is the process of publishing content on the internet for long-term archival purposes. Blogging tools can help you create and optimize your blog’s content, distribute that content to social media platforms, and more.

Blogging tools are used to achieve your KPIs. This article will mention ten of the best blogging tools on the web, summarizing what you should consider before selecting a blog tool for your company.

A blog is a website that contains content created by the site owner. It can be used to share thoughts, ideas, opinions, or anything related to topics you are knowledgeable about with others who may have similar interests. Blogging tools differ depending on what your needs and purposes for blogging are!

Blogging tools are online and free services that help bloggers write, publish, and promote their blogs. They can also be used for other types of writing, such as poetry or research papers.

They are software, platforms, and apps that allow people to share their thoughts online. MarketMuse is a blog analytics platform that tracks website traffic in real-time. WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet, makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful blogs with customizable themes and layouts while adding content easily through its dashboard. OptinMonster is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress, and Yoast SEO helps make sure your blog posts have the best chance of being found by search engines.

CoSchedule, a scheduling tool, is one such example. Bloggers can use Canva to resize their graphics in seconds with one click without any hassle or complication.

The most important tools that a blogger should have are Google Analytics, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Dayboard, WordPress (a blogging platform), and the beginning of their blog. Other helpful tools include social media management software, email marketing software, website building platforms like Wix or Weebly.

online tools

Tools to capture and organize your ideas

Having an idea for a blog post can be difficult. Whether you’re dealing with writer’s block or just trying to think of new angles for old posts, these online tools can help make it easier to capture your ideas and organize them into manageable chunks.

There are many tools for blog writers and bloggers to help them. They need a tool, like Feedly, FocusWriter, Milanote, that is easy to use, effective in capturing ideas, and saves time by allowing the blogger to organize their thoughts.

Besides, there are many tools that a writer can use to capture and organize their ideas. For instance, Grammarly is an online tool that helps find and remove embarrassing grammatical errors. It also provides suggestions for better sentences in different contexts, so writers don’t have to worry about forgetting what they wanted the post or article to say.

It’s not only easy-to-use, but it also saves time by providing high-quality feedback on all your writing needs!


Evernote is not a good writing app. Sans-serif font is not the default setting in most writing apps, but it does look better than Evernote’s default. Evernote is a digital platform that allows users to save their notes, ideas, and other important information. It has an online notebook feature that allows you to create notebooks on your computer or mobile device to be accessible everywhere in case of loss or theft.

It is also a cloud-based service that allows people to search and take notes from their computer or mobile device. People can also upload files, photos, web pages, audio recordings, and more into the application with ease. In addition to its free nature, Evernote offers many features for organizing content in one place, including tags and notebooks.

Evernote is an online, mobile, and desktop platform that provides a paid plan to unlock more features. The free version of the app has limited capabilities but can still be used for basic tasks such as taking notes or searching.


A pocket is a tool for saving articles you come across on the web. To be an expert in your field, make sure to keep up with what other people are doing and try out new tools that can help you write better content.

It also allows you to read other people’s blog posts. This can help you improve your own writing and storytelling skills, so visit Pocket to learn more about reading others’ blogs for tips on improving your own.

Drafts (iOS only)

Drafts is an app that allows you to write on the go. It’s a writing tool for capturing and organizing your ideas, which are then automatically saved in the cloud.

It is a note-taking app for iPhone that allows you to share your thoughts with the world. Once you’ve put all of your notes down, use one of the many pre-built IFTTT recipes to save them into Evernote or Dropbox automatically.

Drafts is a free app for iOS devices that captures and shares your writing. The only downside is it’s only available on iOS, so if you’re an Android user or have an iPhone but not iPad, this may not be the best option for you.


Trello is a Kanban-style project management tool that helps teams work more collaboratively. It organizes tasks visually and lets you see who is doing what. There is a free plan option, which can be accessed online or on mobile.

Trello is a task management app that helps you manage your work by creating board cards. It also has built-in automation that helps you do your work, and it’s compatible with other apps. You can dive into the board or card details and attach files, comments, and due dates to ensure everything gets done properly. Trello enables everyone to create as many boards and lists as they want while working within teams, so there are no barriers when it comes time for collaboration.

Trello has numerous features to suit the needs of your personal and professional workflow. A productivity platform is a planning tool for writers who want to use it as an organizational system by integrating all applications that are used by their team into one place.

blog writing tools

Writing tools that work

Finding the right tools for your writing process can make or break productivity. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to find good writing tools accessible and affordable to all levels of experience and budgets.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon is one of the best writing tools. It has high accuracy, and it can help you write like you speak, which will help your blog become more natural. Dragon is also a conversation tool in that it allows you to talk with your computer and create fast-tracking documents by voice.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition software that can control many aspects of the computer. It has been on the market for over 20 years, and it’s still very popular in today’s world. Dragon does not have an interface like other programs; instead, it learns its users’ speaking patterns by mistakes and then assumes a conversational tone with readers when dictating text or emails.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition software that can help writers achieve this. It has high accuracy, saves phrases the writer uses and recognizes acronyms from different industries for transcription accuracy.

The first step to writing a blog post is selecting a relevant topic. Once you’ve selected the right topics, there are several tools out there to help you with your content marketing strategy. You can use Google Keyword Planner or WordStream Keyword Tool to find more opportunities and strategies for your blog posts to add elements like subheadings and bullet points into them.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud-based document editor that allows bloggers, writers, and marketers to share content in real-time. This tool also has close integration with Gmail for sharing content. Google docs automatically save your work, so you do not have to worry about losing your progress if you are interrupted.

Although Google Docs is not an ideal application for lead generation, it’s a great tool to use as you host your content. It allows you to assign specific HTML tags and hyperlinks that are editable in real-time with the rest of the document.


Scrivener is a writing and content creation tool that helps writers take notes, organize, and edit content. Scrivener’s Windows and Mac platforms help users create lengthy documents and blog posts.

Bear Writer

Bear Writer is a writing tool that has many features designed to make the process of blogging easier. The website also offers exports in other formats such as PDFs and exportable hashtags for organizing thoughts.

Bear Writer is a writing platform that syncs with your iPhone and iPad. It has an elegant interface, but it also costs $15/year to use the full version of this app.

Bear Writer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to write in Markdown. There are no Grammarly integrations, so it’s not my thing because I’m more of a grammar person.


WordPerfect is a long-running, popular word processor. It has been around since 1979 and still enjoys popularity in the market today. WordPerfect features an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for anyone to write blogs and articles with ease.

WordPerfect is a popular word processing software that offers users an extensive list of features and templates. It also has a low price point, at $89.99 for the standard package without any additional modules or options added on top of it to save money over other similar products like Microsoft Office Word.

WordPerfect is a software company that has been around for decades. It is quite expensive to purchase both the lite and professional versions of WordPerfect, but it offers more features than other word processing apps like Microsoft Office or Google Docs.


Writer’s find Paragraphs to be a helpful tool because it is simple and easy to use. The minimalist interface also makes it easy for you to focus on writing your blog posts without distractions.

The paragraphs feature only available in certain countries and on a desktop—the Desktop (Mac only).


Editing, proofreading, and fine-tuning your content

There are many online tools to help you edit, proofread, and fine-tune your content. Tools are not perfect, so it is important to make sure that you proofread manually before publishing your work on the site.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Theme’s Headline Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that allows split testing headlines on statistical analysis. It works without social media traffic, so you can use this for your blog without worrying about getting more traffic through social media.

Thrive Headline Optimizer is an article marketing software that helps businesses increase engagement and conversion rates. The suite includes access to Thrive, Theme Builder, a tool for developing custom themes on the platform. It also offers more tools like headline optimization and social media management for $19 per month billed annually.


Grammarly is an online text editor that allows you to write your blog post on the app itself. The sans-serif font is readable and in big font size, plus it has all of the editing options one would expect. Desktop version available as well.

Grammarly saves everything on its server. You can use it as a spell checker, but the lack of organizational abilities makes me not love Grammarly. I’m able to find misspelled words and run-on sentences, among other things that would normally require hours of work with Microsoft Word or Google Docs to get done in minutes because those features are built into Grammarly’s software.

Grammarly is a free online tool that can be installed as a browser extension or desktop app. Grammarly scans every word typed into email, social media, and content management system for grammar, contextual, and vocabulary mistakes with solutions offered on-page.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a free online tool that analyzes your writing for mistakes. The app can automatically detect complex words and phrases, allowing you to edit or fine-tune your content without having to do it by hand. It also has more advanced features such as offline use, exporting privileges, and direct posting into a CMS in the desktop version.

Hemingway is a desktop app that can help users write and edit their content. Although, Hemingway has some errors that might bring down your quality of writing. The two modes are Writing Mode and Editing Mode, where the user will be able to format text, headings, links with ease through buttons on the bottom right corner of each page panel in either mode.


WhiteSmoke is a desktop app that offers the same features as Grammarly. It detects grammatical mistakes and provides tips on improving the content’s style, tone, and clarity. The online version of WhiteSmoke costs more than the desktop app.


StyleWriter is a blog writing tool with an interface that can be confusing at first. Professional proofreaders design it, and it has features for finding grammar and spelling errors and detecting jargon in your content.

StyleWriter is a desktop-only app for writing and publishing creative content. The starter edition costs $90, the standard edition charges $150, and the professional version costs $190.

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